June – November 2024
Arrival and Departure
The dates shown refer to the arrival/departure days. The course introduction generally takes place late in the afternoon on the arrival day, following which participants have the opportunity to get to know each other. The actual course work begins on the next day.

Some courses hold concerts on the morning of the departure day, or there may be a final class. The course work ends at noon at the latest.
By train or by car
Enjoy the experience of travelling with the Rhaetian Railway, just an hour's journey from Chur to Arosa.

From Chur, the journey by car takes about 40 minutes up a road with lots of bends (30 km, 360 bends, climbing 1320 m in altitude).

With the all-inclusive card of Arosa you can also travel for free with the local bus.
RhB (Rhaetian Railway)
Timetable bus
Public Parking
Not all course hotels or course locations have their own parking spaces. Please use the public parking lots.

Overview public parking