June – November 2023
Course Rooms
Some courses take place in the respective course hotel, whilst others take place in the following course rooms. As the number of participants will only be finalised shortly before the courses start, the allocation of course rooms will only be announced at the course opening.
Both schoolhouses in Arosa are available for use during the Arosa Music Course Weeks. They are situated in the centre of the village, by the Rathaus bus stop, close to the Protestant church. There is a piano or grand piano in a number of classrooms. According to requirements during the Arosa Music Course Weeks, Arosa Kultur can hire further instruments.
School hall
There is a concert grand in the school hall. This room is ideal for choir and dance courses.
Multi-purpose hall
The school also has a multi-purpose (gym) hall, which is the size of three standard gym halls. Arosa Kultur rents the multi-purpose hall primarily for the brass band, brass orchestra and symphonic orchestra courses.
Protestant church hall
The Protestant church hall is available for courses throughout most of the summer, as well as for the Arosa Cultural Summer (for rehearsals, and performances in case of bad weather). In this lovely room there is a stage and a grand piano, making it an ideal location for the choir weeks. It also has a beautiful view.
Roman catholic church hall
This hall is small, but excellent. Thanks to the generous support of Arosa Kultur donators and the Arosa Music Course Weeks patrons' association, a new grand piano was installed here in 2007. This hall can be used by small choirs, or for instrumental courses. It is also used occasionally for small concerts.
Conference Centre
The conference hall is the biggest room at the sports and conference centre. It can provide theatre style seating for up to 400 people.
The Ochsenbühl kindergarten building is situated between the Obersee car park and the Hotel Altein, and has two large, light rooms. There is a good piano on the upper floor.
Various hotels
Various hotels have pleasant seminar rooms that are available for use during the Arosa Music Course Weeks.