June – November 2022
The course hotels make a major contribution towards covering Arosa Kultur's deficit. For this reason we charge a lower course fee to participants who stay in one of the course hotels and make their reservation through us (for exceptions see INFOS - FEES or GENERAL CONDITIONS)

Unless otherwise indicated, participants are permitted to practice in their hotel room at the following times: 8:30–12 am / 2–9:30 pm
Hotel Alpensonne***
Prices CHF 780.00/690.00
AlpinArosa Hotel
Prices CHF 840.00/720.00
Arenas Resort Altein***
Prices CHF 789.00/729.00
Arlenwald Hotel Arosa***
Prices CHF 1'150.00/1'000.00
Arosa Kulm & Alpin Spa*****Sup.
Hotel Astoria***Superior
Prices CHF 690.00/690.00
BelArosa Suiten & Wellness ****Superior
Prices CHF 1'065.00/945.00
Blatter's Hotel Arosa****
Prices CHF 852.00/852.00
Boutique Hotel Rütihof, Litzirüti (village nearby Arosa)
Prices CHF 630.00/630.00
Hotel Erzhorn**
Prices CHF 630.00/540.00
Holiday Apartments
Golf- & Sporthotel Hof Maran****
Prices CHF 780.00/780.00
Hotel Hohe Promenade***
Prices CHF 780.00/690.00
Hotel Hold
Prices CHF 510.00/630.00
Home Hotel
Prices CHF 740.00/690.00
Hotel Haus am Wald*
Prices CHF 330.00/330.00
Mountain Lodge
Prices CHF 510.00/450.00
Pension Mezzaprada**
Prices CHF 525.00/645.00
Hotel Seehof
Prices CHF 705.00/645.00
Hotel Sonnenhalde***
Prices CHF 780.00/690.00
Sunstar Hotel Arosa****
Prices CHF 939.00/939.00
The Excelsior Hotel
Prices CHF 750.00/750.00
Waldhotel Arosa****Sup.
Prices CHF 1'119.00/1'029.00