June – November 2023
Sun September 24 - Sat 30, 2023
Arosa Music Academy II – Master class at the highest level
Markus Fleck (Main leader, chamber music)
Prof. Conradin Brotbek (Violoncello)
Prof. Helge Slaatto (Violin)
Prof. Lars Anders Tomter (Viola)
Prof. Ingolf Turban (Violin)
Gina Poli (Klavier)
Tomoko Sawallisch (Piano)
Yumi Sekiya (Piano)
As well as a masterclass, the «Arosa Music Academy» also offers intensive chamber music instruction. Daily individual tuition with a tutor of your choice is complemented by classes in various chamber music ensembles. These ensembles will be put together at the start of the course, according to personal interest and the time available. Participants are free to choose the course repertoire.

Main leader & chamber music:
Markus Fleck (casalQuartett, CH)

Prof. Lars Anders Tomter (NO)

Prof. Helge Slaatto (DK)
Prof. Ingolf Turban (DE)

Prof. Conradin Brotbek (CH)

Tomoko Sawallisch (DE)
Yumi Sekiya (DE)
Yukie Takai (DE)
Target group
Students and professional musicians – Individuals. existing Ensembles (chamber music)

Please send a biography with your registration to

NOTE: Only those who take part in the entire course week can attend this course. (Exceptions may be made, subject to agreement).
Individual tuition and group chamber music classes. Intensive work in a pleasant atmosphere. Concert.

Participants receive coaching from all tutors of their instrument, on average one lesson a day. All tutors, including accompanists, also teach chamber music.

Start: Sunday, 5:30 p.m.
End: Saturday, 12.30 p.m.
Course details
One or more course participants will be selected to receive a prize from the «Hans Schaeuble Stiftung» (see «More information»).

«Villa Musica» Grant
2–4 course participants will be given the opportunity to audition for a grant from the Villa Musica in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. This includes concert performances given within the Villa Musica Grant programme in Arosa and Rheinland-Pfalz. For further information please go to the Villa Musica website:  
More informations
Hans-Schaeuble-Award (PDF)
Course No. 128