June – November 2023
Sun August  6 - Sat 12, 2023
Vocal master class
Christiane Oelze
Julian Riem (Klavier)
Singing – «know how»

To what extent can personal expression be combined with technical mastery? In this workshop for singers Christiane Oelze will attempt to answer this and other questions in depth.

The following aspects will be covered:
The connection between the positioning, production and support of the voice; inner and external hearing; work on inner and external posture (thinking, feeling, discovering).
Target group
Students who are presently studying or have finished a period of study, students preparing for admission or final exams or enthusiastic amateurs who are seeking new inspiration and technical help.
One 45-minute individual lesson daily. Singers are encouraged to listen to one another's sessions.

In addition exercises and suggestions for private study will be developed in groups. Repertoire can be chosen freely from the categories Lied, Oratorio and Opera.
Lesson times
Täglich 45 Min.
Course details
Please email a biography (musical cv) with your registration.
Course No. 116