June – October 2021
Sun July 25 - Sat 31, 2021
Lute & Theorbo – Renaissance & Baroque
Lukas Henning
For several centuries the Lute was considered Queen amongst musical instruments.

It was as beloved in Leonardo da Vinci’s Italy as it was in the Germany of Martin Luther, Shakespeare’s England or the France of Louis XIV.

Throughout the last decades musicians and historians have rediscovered this long lost musical tradition.

This course allows participants to either take their first steps learning to play the lute or develop existing abilities further. Beginners are supplied with an instrument free of charge for the duration of the course.

More advanced students may either bring their own repertoire to work on or discover new pieces with my guidance.
Target group
Beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced players

The course is also intended for participants who come from the guitar, violin or cello and would like to try the lute.
Individual instruction in the presence of the whole group.

If requested, duo- or consort-playing is also a possibility. The sheet music is supplied by the teacher according to each individual student’s needs.
Course details
instruments will be provided (if desired)
Course No. 47