June – October 2020
The course hotels make a major contribution towards covering Arosa Kultur's deficit. For this reason we charge a lower course fee to participants who stay in one of the course hotels and make their reservation through us (for exceptions see INFOS - FEES or GENERAL CONDITIONS)

Unless otherwise indicated, participants are permitted to practice in their hotel room at the following times: 8h30 - 12h00 / 14h00 - 21h30
Mountain Lodge
The lodge is situated on the edge of the woods, just above the village centre. During the winter season the ski piste passes right next to the lodge and during the summer season, the legendary squirrel trail and several hiking trails are located nearby. The train station is only 15 minutes away.

NOTE: Please note when registering if you want a room with shower/WC (limited availability). Otherwise you will get a room with shower/toilet on the same floor.
Spielen auf der Veeh-Harfe (AnfängerInnen)
Spielen auf der Veeh-Harfe (Fortgeschrittene)
Blues Harp Fortgeschritten
Cembalokurs 1
Seelenbilder malen 1
Gitarre als Begleitinstrument 1
Cembalokurs 2
Blues Harp Mittleres Niveau
Blockflöte und Alte Musik Meisterkurs
Violin- und Kammermusik-Intensivwoche
Material wird Klang – Ein Instrumentenbau- und Spielkurs
Big Band
Der Tango – Die Musik Astor Piazzollas
Impro-Coaching & Band-Workshop
Arrangieren für Bläserensembles oder Blasorchester
Festival of Pan Flutes
Guitar - Classical Guitar Masterclass
Gämshorn – ein altes Instrument neu entdeckt
Musik aus Mittelalter und Renaissance – Im Fokus: Portativorgel und Gesang
Bassoon Interpretation
Clarinet Interpretation
Transverse Flute interpretation
Youth Chamber Music Week
Blaskapelle – Böhmische Blaskapelle
Workshop Stimme, Atem, Körper
Seelenbilder malen 2
Lute & Theorbo – Renaissance & Baroque
Transverse Flute – Masterclass Transverse Flute
Violin playing, singing, making music together, having fun
Engadiner Zitherspiel – Eggimann-Bestseller auf der Akkordzither
Blues Harp Beginner
Besser Sein wenn’s zählt, dank Sophrologie!
Low Brass
Musizieren und interpretieren
Piano - Piano masterclass
Violin masterclass
Vocal Masterclass
Arosa Music Academy I – Masterclass at the highest level
Vocal Masterclass
Clarinet Masterclass
Audition and performance training for singers – Vorsing- und Performancetraining für SängerInnen
Arosa Music Academy II – Masterclass at the highest level
Gitarre als Begleitinstrument 2